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Bedford Brokerage is a unique and exclusive property brokerage company. We specialise in Bedford Gardens, and Bedfordview and we are growing in all areas of Johannesburg. We offer sales long and short-term rentals of all upmarket and tastefully decorated apartments and homes. We pride ourselves on our customer-centric approach and meticulous follow-up until the right buyer/tenant has been secured. We go above and beyond to ensure the best experience for every one of our clients.

A home is a haven full of memories, light, love and laughter… so there is no doubt that selling your home takes a lot - we are here to help you market and sell/rent your home or any other property requirements in the shortest possible time, with the best possible returns.

With countless years of experience in the property game, Marcelle and her team know what it takes to make that sale happen – which is what we do - Every time!!

Focused on properties in Johannesburg, the exclusive and extensive marketing that we do at Bedford Brokerage has created a strong awareness in the area and we boast an extensive database of potential buyers, sellers and investors. We make a commitment to you and your home, and we consider it to be both our responsibility and privilege to get it sold on your behalf.